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LED Waterfall Light has individed and separable styles,The individed is make up of the main line and the following string light,and which are integrative,couldn't be dismantled,connection style is belt and independent string light combination,coud be knock-down and many string extension,The maximal merit is string light could be alone disassembly,easily replacement.The main wire of Led Waterfall Light has two coress,three-core,four cores,five cores,The distance of bunchs and leds could be done according to customer requirement,The product is easy and convenitent to assemble,the controller simple and convenient,linking up the controller creates running water effection.It's eay and convenient.It could be OK to use after host line unfolded,suspension,on power source.
Cascada de agua con Luces .Led se integra por luces instaladas en mangueras con circuitos especiales que producen el efecto de cascada de agua ,Se fabrica en un solo color se controla con diferentes disenos y velocidades. Una Innovacion total para Realzar el diseno de la fachadas de Negocios  e incrementar clientela dado a su alto grado de llamar la atencion.
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