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Led Dot Lights, a new type of energy-save and environmental protective lights, uses imported ultra bright chips as source. Built-in microcomputer chip coulbd be arbitrarily program controlled, multiple simultaneous changes, which is low power, long life single-color change, could be full-color change at the same time, transitting, chasing, gradual changing, scanning abd other effects. It is the ideal choice for buildings, amusement parks, large billboards, walls, squares, streets, bars and other places. It is a supplement for linear light source and the floodlighting, the beautiful shape of which could meet the physical design requirements for point, line and plane. Waterproof performance is good, easy to control, more convenient to Install.
Luces Led de Puntos.Inovacion Total en luminacion de Edificios, Parques ,Senalamientos, Muros, calles , Anuncios. estan construidos de microcomputadores chips que arbitriamente son programados con control , diferentes disenos y efectos especiales asi como velocidades de los mismos.Son de bajo voltaje para aumentar el ahorro de energia, Son a prueba de agua, resisnte al golpe, multicolor, un solo color o blancos, Faciles de Instalar  y se Logra una Versatilidad amplia en los disenos con la iluminacion a base de puntos LED.
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